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Pricing and upgrade to ZooEasy Online

Pricing and upgrade to ZooEasy Online

Date: November 20, 2014

In just a few weeks ZooEasy Online will be released. Here you can find the answer to some frequently asked questions.

I currently use ZooEase Stand Alone. Can I import all my data to ZooEasy Online?
At this moment ZooEasy Online doesn’t support this feature. This will be available starting on 1 February 2015. If you will upgrade from ZooEasy Stand Alone to ZooEasy Online, you won’t have to fill in all your data again. Your database will be imported automatically and without costs. This will safe you lots of work!

What if I would like to start over in ZooEasy Online?
That is possible. On 21 November you can start immediately with ZooEasy Online.

What will the new subscriptions cost?
The price for ZooEasy Online Single User will be $10,40 a month (or €8) (based on an annually subscription). This subscription gives access to 1 person to your own online database.

I use ZooEasy Stand Alone. I would like to upgrade to Version 12. But can I also upgrade to ZooEasy Online later?
If you upgrade to ZooEasy Online by 2015, you will receive $34 (or €25) discount once on your annual subscription.