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Import your files in ZooEasy Online

Import your files in ZooEasy Online

Date: February 2, 2015

You can now import your own files in ZooEasy Online. It’s ideal if you have stored lots of information about your animals! Because the Stand Alone version works a little different from ZooEasy, there are some important differences between the two programs. Just take a moment to read this article and see what it means for you.

ZooEasy Online
ZooEasy Online makes it easy to track your animals online. You can login to your computer, tablet or mobile phone any time. You’ll only need a connection to the internet. Best of all: you can’t lose your files after a computer crash, because your database is safe in the cloud.

Differences betweet Stand Alone and ZooEasy Online
Do you like to import your files? Then this is the moment to pay attention, because you can import many files, but not everything. Have you stored some information in ZooEasy Online (as a test) yet? Then you will have to delete these files before you start your Stand Alone import. Also a small reminder: if you change something in your online database, these files will not change in your Stand Alone program. These are the most important differences:

The following files cannot be imported to ZooEasy Online, because these functions are not (yet) available:
Cash book;
Measurements, like growth charts and graphs per animal;
Planning and notes in the logbook;
The status color of the animal will not be available;
Eggs hatched is not available;
At the contacts the extra breeding numbers  are not available.

The following possibilities are not available in ZooEasy Online:
Breeding charts and printing lables;
Relationship: the relationships are now called less extended. The relatives are now shown as children, grandchildren and great grandchildren per animal;
Importing and exporting files to other ZooEasy users;
Group mutations;
Mutations can be found using the search function, but you will not get to see the report;
Trend analyses;
Sorting in lay-out.

The following options are available in ZooEasy Online, but work differently:
The pedigrees do not show the 4th and 5th generation. This will be available in a later update;
If you have a license for multiple animal species, please contact the helpdesk. This is a little tricky, but we’ll help you through;
The Attachments and Logbook are not safed in general, but for every animal. This means the menu Documents has disappeared. This means that the attachments and notes in the logbook will only be imported if they are attached to one specific animal. The general attachments and notes that do not belong to a certain animal, will not be imported. You can add these later manually.

Do you want to know all the differences? Check out our list with all possibilities.

Manual to upload your files
Try ZooEasy Online with your own files and discover all new possibilities. You can now make your own account and try ZooEasy free for 30 days. Follow these steps to import your own files to ZooEasy Online. Do you need some help? Just contact us at supportonline@zooeasy.com and we’re here for you!