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Cashback by upgrading from V12 to Online

Cashback by upgrading from V12 to Online

Date: February 1, 2015

Do you currently use Version 12 and do you want to upgrade to ZooEasy Online? Then you’ll get a cashback of 32 dollars, 20 pounds or 25 euro after you purchased an annual subscription of ZooEasy Online. .

This promotion is for all customers who have purchased Version 12;
– This promotion is only for customers who have purchased an annual subscription of ZooEasy Online (please note: this does not apply to a monthly subscription);
– The promotion is valid until 31 December 2015.

Do you meet the conditions above? Then mail these information to info@zooeasy.com:
– Subject: promotion ZooEasy Online
– Your name, address, zip code and town
– Your serial number or customer code*
– The mail address you use for the subscription of ZooEasy Online
– Your bank account, including SEPA (for example NL01BANK0123456789)

*You can determine your serial number as follows:
1. Start ZooEasy Stand Alone
2. Close the list with data, so you can only see the main menu
3. Click on File
4. Click on License. There you will find the serial number

When we have got your mail and checked your information, we will give you the cashback on your bank account.

We hope you’ll enjoy ZooEasy Online!