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Reasons to choose ZooEasy Online

No matter where you are, keep track of your animal data and improve breeding results. All your data is safely stored and automatically backed up.


ZooEasy makes the registration of animals easy, so you can improve your breeding results.


Keep track of your animals: it’s easy

As a responsible breeder you would like to have a clear overview of your animals. You want to keep track of all information and find it quickly. ZooEasy helps. Fill in everything you know, like the identification number, the father, mother and date of birth. Add your own pictures to make the pedigrees look better. Complete the information about your animal by registering the characteristics, health information, breeder and the current owner. Do you miss a category that’s important to you? Then you can add this yourself. You have all the information at hand. The search function helps to find the right animal quickly. It’s that easy.


verbeterImprove breeding results

As a breeder you constantly want to breed the most beautiful, best, sweetest and healthiest animals. ZooEasy helps. Select two animals and the program will calculate the inbreeding percentage of the descendants in advance. Or create a relationship matrix, so you will get one clear table with the relationship percentages between multiple animals. The more generations of animals you have provided, the more accurate the calculations will be. The inbreeding percentages do not give you advice, but are a useful tool to make your own responsible choices. The calculations are provided by the Wageningen University and Research Center. They use the Wright’s equotation.


Health information

The health of your animals is getting more and more important nowadays. Save the results of tests and vet visits online in your medical archive. Or make your own notes about the animal. You can store almost any information.

If you wish to analyze your records, you can make a print-out of the selected data. ZooEasy will give you better insight in the breed and you can start your research to illnesses and other information. For example, consider which animals are responsible for a certain deviation and calculate the inbreeding percentages in advance. Great insight in your animals is interesting for the hobby and (semi) professional breeder. For associations it’s an absolute must to have a clear insight of the animals, so they can advise their breeders to create a strong and healthy breed.


resultaten_webRegistration of contests and contacts

In addition to information about the animals, you can add extra information to ZooEasy. If your animals attend a contest, you can fill in the achievements in ZooEasy Online. Make a picture of your price winning animals and add the show results as an attachment. Also make your own clear overview of the contact information of your fellow breeders. Add their names, phone number and other information to ZooEasy Online. Now you can keep all your information of your hobby or work in one database. That is also useful for the member administration!


user_levels_webZooEasy Online: perfect for associations

ZooEasy Online originally started for associations. Choose the Multi User or Unlimited subscription and start your perfect program to save every bit of information about your breed. With ZooEasy multiple users can use the program at the same time. Complete the information about your breed, analyse the data and give breeders the best advice to keep your breed healthy and strong.

As an organization, you will determine who will have access to the program and which users can or cannot see certain information. For example: you can give the management and commission members all rights, so they can help to fill in the information and keep track of new data. Reader accounts are perfect for members who can’t have access to private information.

For associations there are extra features available. We can help you to organize the database, importing your current files or a course for the manager. Check our webshop for all features.


backup_webYour records are safe

The central database of ZooEasy Online is protected from unwanted access. We currently manage the information of thousands of customers and we will always keep this information private. The information, like texts, pictures and files are yours and will not be shared. Every 24 hours we make a backup of all the files. You are responsible to keep your username and password safe. We will take care of the rest.



ZooEasy Online is available in multiple languages:
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– German
– Dutch
– Danish
– Spanish

The helpdesk will respond in the languages English, German or Dutch.



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